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beautiful custom living room with high ceilings and custom lighting design and built by landry & co

Custom Homes

True beauty is conceived when well-appointed design meets thoughtful functionality that’s based on how you wish to live. Our custom homes are exquisite in every way but also practical for everyday living.

Kitchen Remodeling by Landry + Co

Kitchen Remodeling

As the focal point of your home, the kitchen is the most versatile room in the house. It’s where we entertain our guests, raise our families, and even seek refuge with a cup of coffee. Centered on your personal utility of the space and finished with impeccable design, our kitchen remodels are simply stunning.

bathroom remodeling by Landry + Co

Bathroom Remodeling

Small-to-large, simple to extravagant, practical to spa-like; these intimate spaces inspire us to apply creative design and finishes to deliver the mood and atmosphere that reflects your style and use.

About Landry + Co

Inspired Custom Home Building & Design

Building your custom home is a privilege. As such, we take great pride in every aspect of the process, from imagination and planning to design and construction as we create your dream home. Whether you have a clear vision or require inspiration, we use our experience, creativity, and attention to detail to deliver a spectacular house that exceeds expectations.

At Landry + Co, we believe creating a home that is uniquely yours requires a lot of listening and collaboration. Understanding how you want each room of your house ‘to live’ and the manner in which you wish the home ‘to flow’ serves as our guide to providing you with a home that gives you the comfort you’d expect and the beauty it deserves.

If you are interested in Custom Home Building or Remodeling, please reach out for a consultation.

Shannon Landry of Landry & co

Meet Shannon

Shannon is the heart and soul of Landry + Co.

Over 20 years ago, Shannon’s passion for remodeling and custom home building was founded when she embarked on the addition and renovation of her family’s personal residence. With a real appreciation for design and purpose, her vision and emphasis on craftsmanship was soon realized in projects throughout the area as she took her skills to investment properties. Before long, friends and family began asking if she would be willing to use her unique set of skills on their renovation and custom home projects.

Now, her love for home building and design has grown into Landry + Co. She establishes genuine connections with every client and incorporates each family’s unique needs into the design details — details that add functionality and ease to everyday living.

From beginning to end, Shannon engages in every aspect of the design and building process. You won’t just find her pushing numbers or design plans behind a desk — you will find her on-site, ensuring that the execution of your design is carried out perfectly.

“With Landry + Co, your vision for your home comes to life. We combine impeccable design and quality with practical functionality to ensure your new remodel or renovation exceeds your expectations.”
“Our unique way of combining extraordinary design with daily living makes us the ideal choice for any home renovation project. Your dream home is closer than you think.”