Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom designed by landry and co is an original design


Landy + Co creates beautiful bathrooms that are always stunning.

With so many design options, from lavish & spa-like to simple & practical, Landry + Co will take your imagination from concept to completion as we deliver the mood or theme you wish to achieve.

custom bathroom with tile floor walk-in shower and soaker tub by Landry & Co


Functionality is the core of our design philosophy at Landry + Co. We can make any bathroom look beautiful — but we take it a step further and consider functionality, too. We incorporate the details that mean the most to your household and ensure ease of living at every turn.

stunning water closet designed and built by Landry & Co


Every client we work with is unique. Your individuality is part of what makes our job at Landry + Co so exciting. We consider your unique needs as a household and ensure your bathroom remodel or renovation is exactly as you pictured.

From design to completion, we work to ensure your bathroom remodel is perfect in every way. Our specialty is in the details. We know that the “little things” are what make home life that much sweeter.

Landry + Co Gallery

beautiful bathroom with orchids by Landry & Co
custom half bath designed and built by landry and co
Beautiful custom master bath designed and built by Landry & Co